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—Great Carpet Normally $10-$12.00
—Now $3.00 yard, Thats Only 33¢ a foot!
•Brand New Carpet Used 3 Days Only!
•Why Pay High Prices For New Carpet?


Tradeshows and conventions utilize great carpet for their displays and after only 3 days of use they cannot sell the carpet as new. 3 Dollar Carpet brings in thousands of yards of carpet and offers it to the public at 40-60% off the normal price. We carry a selection of great carpet that comes from large high-end trade shows and conventions. These high-end trade shows require new high-quality carpeting for each show, so after only 2-3 days of use we can’t sell this never stretched carpet as brand new-even though it is just like new. Once the conventions are over, the vendors cannot sell the carpet to customers, so we buy it in bulk and offer it to customers like you at a great price.

Starts at $3.00! Beautiful Carpet at Beyond Low Prices.
Regardless of whether you need commercial or residential carpeting, we are always ready to exceed your carpeting needs and expectations. After you choose your carpet, our installation team can install it within two to three days for almost every type of carpet. So what are your waiting for?

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Sophia Espino (Via Google Plus)
I found these guys on KSL, and thought what the heck, it’s carpet that is going into my daughters rooms (they are 12) I’ll just buy something cheap because they’ll probably end up destroying it anyway, right? I have to say that I am more than impressed with the quality of their “cheap” carpet!!!! It looks sooooo good! I scheduled the appointment, and called back to see if they could come 1 and 1/12 weeks early because I had finished painting…they did it for me. On time, quality work! I will use these lads for all my future carpeting needs!!!!!!!!