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If you’re looking for a place with a fancy showroom, and other bells and whistles, we’re not the place for you. All that does is raise carpet prices..and for what? But if you’re looking for stunningly beautiful carpet at the lowest prices, we can help you immediately, efficiently and most importantly, in the most affordable way possible. Lower budgets welcomed, we’ve got you covered! See customer reviews.

Luxury Selection At 40% Less
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Beautiful Selection


Our installers travel to meet your needs.

Picture the big “box” stores best luxury selections, but take out the frills, remove the large overhead and the big markups, and add in the best customer satisfaction you can find, and that’s us, 3D Carpet. Our selection is affordable, unique and quite satisfying. With our lowest mark-ups on luxury carpet and flooring, you’ll take advantage of our always in stock availability — and our quick installation.


You can trust that you’re in very good hands!

Our low overhead, no frills / high quality showroom, and very low markups, translates into extremely low prices!!  Now, true luxury carpet and flooring is now very affordable, so you can beautify your home the right way. Come discover incredible savings today. We buy only overstocked and expensive to store high quality carpet and flooring. It’s better to mark it way down and blow it out than store in the warehouse..

Half the Price? Oh Yes….

Our customers spend less on the same beautiful luxury carpet and flooring, and we can install it within a few days, where most other stores are usually take few weeks. Come discover real quality at a huge discount. 

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No matter whether it’s a basement in rose park or a house in cottonwood heights, we have a good affordable selection of carpet to fit your various needs. We guarantee to exceed your expectations!

Saved Over 1,000 Dollars!

After shopping around for 145 yds of carpet including padding and installation I stumbled upon 3 Dollar Carpet. Home Depot, Lowes, Ogden flooring and design , RC Willeys, etc… While they had plenty to choice from none of the quotes I received were with in my budget ranging between $4700 and $5000 and that included the cheapest carpet and padding that was offered. I found 3 Dollar Carpet on google and by making a phone call Jared was straight forward on what they had to offer. I decided to check them out. I paid less then $4000 for my patterned carpet, padding and installation. The scheduling went smooth and was done on the date I requested with no interruptions on their behalf. After 30 days of evaluation of their products and services I’ve decide that I’m highly satisfied and I would like to share my experience as well as keep this company as a contact for the future.

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