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2015 Chicago Auto Show
2015 Chicago Auto Show
Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Salt Lake City UT: I have used 3 dollar carpet for just under a year now on multiple investment properties in the salt lake valley. No matter whether it’s a basement in rose park or a house in cottonwood heights, they have a good affordable selection of new and trade show carpet to fit my various needs. They are a great resource for my business, not only because of the low prices they have but also because I am able to set up everything I need in one quick phone call. There installers are very friendly, trustworthy, and professional which helps a great deal because I can give them the address and lock box code and don’t even need to be there anymore to know that everything will happen when, and how it’s supposed to. Thank you Ruston, and everyone at 3 dollar carpet for your great service, working with you gives me one less thing I need to worry about.

3 Dollar Carpet’s Salt Lake City Utah property management specials offer high-quality, wholesale carpeting that originates from high-end tradeshows and conventions. After two days of use, we reclaim this high-end carpet and offer it to the public starting in the $3.00 range, when it is normally priced around $10.00-$12.00 per yard! This type of carpet is perfect for a variety of settings, including rental homes, fixer uppers, new homes and apartment buildings.  While we always have different shades of grey carpeting in stock, the property management specials are limited to certain colors. We do have beige and other carpet colors in stock, but these colors go fast. When you purchase this type of discounted carpet at 3 Dollar Carpet Salt Lake City Utah , it comes in normal size width and length rolls (12ft x 50ft).

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