Carpet installation Utah interior design

When it comes to choosing carpet for your home, there’s a lot to think about. What style of carpet, what’s it going to be made of, and what’s the overall look.The two major differences between carpets are the natural fibers being wool, or the synthetics being the nylons, or the solution dyed nylons. These two carpet installation Utah products have come leaps and bounds in the last few years. Wool carpet is fantastic, it’s nice and soft, but being a natural fiber, some people particularity shouldn’t have huge issues with the allergy and dust mites that can come out of the carpet, plus it’s going to lift and peel, which is when all the fibers come out which is over a six to twelve month period.

With the synthetic products, there’s the nylon and the solution dyed nylon. The best way to explain this is that the nylon is sort of like an apple, it’s got the fiber inside, and the coating on the outside, the solution dyed nylon is the dye going right through the fiber like a carrot, which is why it is much harder to stain, and overall and much easier carpet installation Utah to deal with.

Now that you have an idea about the difference between the fibers, and the unnatural fiber, there’s now the whole style of carpet installation Utah, and that’s a whole different story altogether.

One of the most popular styles of carpets, and always has been is the plush carpets. Plush gives you that beautiful high fiber, it’s lovely and soft to lie down on and read a book, but sort of like a lawn that needs to be cut, fibers are very long so they can flatten. What that means is that on a large surface area or even a small one like in a bedroom, when you’ve got the high fiber, when you vacuum, tread marks, and walking, you’re going to see all of that on the plush carpet installation Utah and it’s going to be harder to keep clean.

A great solution to people who love the feel of a plush carpet, but don’t want t have all the issues with the marking and the tread marking, is a twist pile. This is a raised pile, but because the fibers are twisted, it holds itself up, so you’re going to get that effect much much less so that the foot printing won;t show now will the vacuum marks, but it’s still lovely and soft and nice to lye down on.

The next style of carpet installation Utah is actually a loop pile, so instead of the fibers sticking straight up, it’s bent over, and you can see that demonstrated here. It comes in lots of patterns, but because the fibers are not sticking up, you don’t see any of the marking and it’s easier carpet to maintain and clean, and also you’re not going to get that cross marking from the vacuuming in the long run. This a a real popular type of carpet and also very hard wearing carpet, available both in wool or in nylon.

Now the final type of carpet installation Utah is actually a mixture of both. You can do a loop and a cut pile carpet, so you can end up with real beautiful type pf patterns, where you end up with the loop in the middle, and the cut pile, so that you get much less effect of this marking effect from the vacuum, etc, but also the nice soft feel. The other combination is actually a loop pile carpet that’s cut and looped, which gives you those beautiful carpet patterns. The are better for commercial or high traffic areas, where you’re going to get n marking, because the pile carpet is looped, the dirt will find it much harder to get into the carpet fibers, and it’s much easier to get the dirt out.

Now you have an understanding of the carpets and materials used, so now it’s all about choosing the right carpet installation Utah color. Carpets come in a huge array of colors, the most chosen are the neutral colors, because they are going to date better, as well as going with most any decor. For home theaters, you tend to stick with the darker colors because you don’t want lots of light in that room or any reflection of light. But, if you’ve got a fun room for the kids, if you want to urn up the color volume a bit, there’s lots of colors, just always be aware of what you’re putting it through.

We at 3 Dollar Carpet hope this helps in your carpet decisions the next time you’re going to carpet your home.