5 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid on Your Carpet Ogden

When you’re carpets are dirty, most people start looking for carpet Ogden cleaning company in their area. There’s many different methods of cleaning, but we know that the hot-water extraction is the most preferred method of any major carpet manufacturer, but not all companies who offer this type of cleaning are created equally, you really have to choose the right carpet cleaning company carefully.

What’s really important is to know is that there are many different levels and types of equipment to choose from when cleaning your carpet Ogden. There are lower quality carpet cleaning machines out there that produce a very low suction and a very low heat, so when the company comes in to clean your carpet, they wind up leaving your carpet wet for days, making things quite damp, frustrating and difficult to live with. Even worse, they leave a lot of detergent in your carpet which ends up actually making things much worse because it attracts more dirt to it!

We recommend choosing a carpet Ogden cleaning company that first uses high quality equipment, so make sure you ask in detail about the machines they will actually be using on your carpet. Make sure they protect all the areas around the carpet like the corners of the room. It’s important to pre-clean your carpet with a commercial grade vacuum which will pick up almost 80% of the dirt and soil in your carpet, before you begin to clean the carpet. If you have certain stains, it’s important to pre-treat the stain, because if you don’t, sometimes cleaning normally the stain may seem like it’s gone, but many times comes back once the carpet is dry.

Pre-condition your carpet before cleaning with an environmentally and family friendly product. Many safe and very effective carpet Ogden solutions are now available that don’t contain harmful chemicals. Make sure the actually carpet cleaning extraction machine used is powerful enough to get your carpets clean. We recommend using a state of the art carpet cleaning machine, many use heat extraction at 240 degrees to 250 degrees of heated de-ionized wither, this is the key. The water MUST be de-ionized, so there is no residue left behind in the carpet.

Make sure you use a carpet protective coating to finish it off, and then groom the carpet nicely. Now best carpet drying methods are using turbo-dryer machines which will bring your carpets from being damp to dry in about 1-3 hours.

If your looking for the healthiest and most thorough carpet Ogden cleaning available, make sure you follow this advice and you’ll be walking on clean carpet in no time. But always make sure that when you choose your carpet cleaning company, don’t be afraid to ask the right questions.