Choosing Plush Carpet Orem

It has come to our attention that some new plush thicker carpets are starting to cause problems with vacuum cleaners. What’s happening is that these new plush carpets are so thick they are stopping the vacuums in their tracks – the problem is they’re too thick! The vacuum creates such a tight seal that it gets stuck to the carpet Orem, and you’re unable to move it. In some cases, the suction is so strong that you cant move it at all.

Some vacuums are claiming to be designed for thick plush carpets, like the new Kenmore with its ultra-plus setting. And sometimes, even carpet manufacturers themselves recommend specif vacuums. Consumer reports ran a few of these made-for-thicker-carpeting vacuums on ultra thick carpet samples. One from Shaw, called Caress, the other Karastan, from Mohawk. The 180.00 Hoover Wind Tunnel did fine, and the Kenmore Elite with the Ultra Plus System also handles the thicker carpet nicely. Both performed well on Consumer Reports regular vacuum tests, which include vacuuming up dirt and embedded debris on a lower-pile carpet Orem, and sand on a bare floor.

So if you buy newer plush carpet Orem, does that also mean you have to buy a new vacuum? First try raising you vacuums manual height adjustment on the power head, this may be enough to get by on a thicker carpet. If your vacuum doesn’t have that option, adjusting the airflow on suction control, is another fix that may help. So when choosing your new carpet there’s much more to consider than just color, style and thickness. There are so many arrays of styles these days – and even bright colors for kids rooms.

There’s a array of color choices for you these days, and carpet that we can install the very next day for you. Many are stain resistant, even lifetime stain resistant carpet Orem. Many of our carpets have really been put to the test here! Especially with the plush carpets, without knowing the structure of the carpet, you can still feel the softness, but still know very little difference between carpets.

Come on in or give us a call, we’ll help you find the right stain resistant and plush carpet Orem today!