Preventing Pet Damage In Your Carpet Provo Home

When it comes to getting pet stains out of your carpets and rugs you really have to be prepared. We recommend keeping a wet-dry shop vac on hand at all times with carpet Provo. What you want to do first is to run the shop vac over the stain, really go over it well and make sure you press when vacuuming.

Now go and get some baby shampoo. Don’t use too much, but take about 2 drops and mix it up with hot water in a small bowl. Take a small towel or a rag, and dip it into the bowl getting the soapy liquid on the towel, and apply it over the stain, squeezing out all the liquid from the towel on top of the stain, so it the stain has been immersed in the soapy solution. Rub it in well, and if the stain is real bad, you might want to do this a few more times before you use the shop-vac again.

You now want to take the shop-vac and run it over the carpet stain, and do this for several minutes, while rubbing it in a circulating motion starting with the outside of he circle and moving your way in which will prevent a ring from forming between the wet area and the dry area. If your carpet is pretty resilient, you can rub quite hard onto the carpet. If your carpet is not that resilient, but instead it’ a delicate type of carpet Provo, you don’t want to run so hard with the vacuum on the carpet Provo, so be careful.

Now simply take some cool water and rinse it into the carpet Provo well, then vacuum over it again with the shop-vac well and let it dry. Once rinsed again and vacuumed well you probably find that this method works quite well. So you probably won’t need a pet cleaning product or even a commercial carpet cleaner either. if you’ve got your shop wet-vac and the baby shampoo, you should be good to go with most pet stains on your carpet.

Hopefully your carpet looks new again. Wait a few hours and it should be clean. If you’re a pet owner, you know that a pet can leave a stain on your carpet at any time, and that being ready at all times is a good idea. So get your shop-vac and be ready, you never know when your companion pet has another emergency. Keep your carpets clean as affordably as possible by following this do-it-yourself carpet Provo cleaning advice.