Drying wet carpet Salt Lake City after a flood

When it comes to carpet Salt Lake City drying carpet effectively after a flood, there’s a few tricks we’ve learned over these years. This is best for a smaller area or even to make what you’re working on more effective.

A lot of people have wet-vacs, and if you have small amount of water coming in, you can use a wet-vac. A wet-vac actually pulls quite hard, but one of the problems is the attachments that you get with them don’t really work well for getting water out of a carpet Salt Lake City and a pad. The attachments work to get some of the water out of the top of the carpet and even some of the deeper water. But it’s not going to do a whole lot in the carpet,a and hardly anything in the pad. They have these extension handles that you can put on to make it more convenient, which is all well and good, but it’s not really going to change anything. The attachments really do not well when it comes to removing water from carpet and pad.

One way to get a small amount of area of water from wet carpet Salt Lake City is to use the end of the nozzle – and really lean on it against the carpet, and suck out one small area at a time. This method is not going to go very fast, but it will work for a small area, and it does work reasonably well. But you do have to go over and over it in order to have this work.

But the thing that works best is using a real professional carpet wand used for flood extraction. If you attach the carpet Salt Lake City flood extraction wand by using duct tape, you can get this wand to pull a vacuum which works fairly well of getting water out of the carpet itself. Now, you may not have a professional wand laying around, but the Bissel attachment is very similar to this can be used, or even a rental unit can be used. But essentially it’s the wand the really works well getting the water out of the carpet. you can do this on glue downed carpet, however, this method does not work well on a carpet and a pad. You will get the water extracted from the carpet, but you will not get it out of the pad – it just wont do it.

One option to get the pad dry is to fold the carpet Salt Lake City back, and to suck the water out of the pad directly, and then float the carpet over the pad to dry it out – this will possible work. These are some methods that can be used. It seems like a simple thing to get water out of a carpet and pad and then dry it – it is not. This is why there are professional companies out there that do this for a living, who knows what you need to do to save a carpet or not. These professionals have professional carpet equipment that’s necessary to save a carpet and pad.

One of the pieces of equipment these professionals use it called a “water claw”. This works by applying it to the carpet and pad and literally stand on it with your feet, it presses down on the carpet Salt Lake City and pad. which will suck the water out of the carpet, and out of the pad. This does a real good job, but you need the professional equipment to get the results you’re looking for. You do have to go over it several times and also be incredibly thorough to get this to work.

Even though you may, or may not, be able to save the carpet Salt Lake City and pad, the walls will be wet, whether you can see it or not. This is where you get mold, so this must be addressed. If you’ve just dried the carpet and pad and think you’re done, you’ve really kind of missed the most expensive part – that’s the walls on the back of the carpet and pad. Wherever the wet carpet touches the wall, it will usually have water in the all, whether you can see it or not, and this is where you get the “hidden” mold that’s everyone is so concerned about.

Whether you try doing this yourself or not, it is best to call a professional. We hope this helps, and stay dry!