How to Get Rid of Any Carpet Sandy Utah Stains

Now, inevitably everyone will get stains on their carpet. If you have a pet, or children, construction workers in your house, your most probably going to get stains on your carpet. Many times you can clean up the stain right away, like when you see your pet throw up, you can just get a rag, paper towels and clean it up right away, and then use your favorite spot remover, blot it to the center, scrub and rinse it, then dry it and think you’ve gotten the stain taken care of. But then you wake up and find the stain came back. What do you do?

Every household with carpeting should have a stain removal kit. White towels and paper towels, a spray bottle of plain water, and a spray bottle of soapy water. Don’t use too much soap, only about a half-teaspoon per quart of water is plenty, but make sure you’re using clear dish-washing soap. Hydrogen peroxide in a brown bottle, because that keeps it fresh, the ammonia solution – a table spoon ammonia with a half-cup of water, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, acetone, or non oily nail polish remover, cue tips, cotton balls, a tooth brush, a knife for getting off the big stains.

The most inexpensive carpet cleaning method might always be renting a carpet cleaning machine and then going to the dollar stores and find yourself the cheap but good Pine-Sol, which is good because you’ll only need a little of this because it makes its own soap. The rental carpet machines get real soapy, so you’ll have to dump out the soap a lot. so you only need a little Pin-Sol. Get any kind of carpet cleaner, and get a carpet cleaning additive to boost the clean effect.

What it might take is a 30 minutes and a couple of household. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Grab a bowl of water in the kitchen and , also get vinegar, dish-washing liquid, and some dry towels.
2. Mix the dish-washing liquid into the water.
3. Dip one of the towels into the soapy liquid.
4. Hold and press the cloth against the carpet stain for 10 seconds.
5. Wait about 15 minutes until you notice the stain starting to dissolve.
6. Use the same towel and dip into a vinegar solution..
7. Take it and hold against the stain for 5 seconds.
8. Remove the towel and wait for about 15 minutes.
9. Now use a new towel, dip into the soapy solution and wipe off the stain.

Calling the Carpet Sandy Utah Experts

You can handle most carpet stains and spills yourself by following these tips on how to get rid of any carpet stain above. Sometimes, though, it might still be necessary to call in an expert for help. For example, spilling a small glass of red wine is no big deal, but spilling an entire bottle of red wine can be a major cleanup. Professional carpet cleaners have additional equipment and methods like steam cleaning that can effectively remove larger, more prominent stains. If you need advice on how to remove a stain in your carpet, give us a call.