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Cheap carpet in Salt Lake City

Want Cheap Carpet in Salt Lake City?

When you need to replace carpet in just a single room or the whole house look no futher, we have cheap carpet in Salt Lake City. Call up 3 Dollar Carpet, we'll get you a price quote with relatively little information needed up front. Also come visit our showroom to select the carpet, and even get an installation appointment scheduled in just a few days. Great pricing, great service, and great quality.

Luxury Overstocked Carpet

For cheap carpet in Salt Lake City, our carpet Installations consists of high-grade luxury carpet that’s overstocked and expensive to store. So it’s better for us to move it out at rock bottom markups, than to store it in the warehouse. Plus, with our very low overhead and no-frills showroom, we don’t have to mark it up like the other stores.

utah carpet draper
cheap carpet in Salt Lake City, Carpet Installation Utah

Wake up to Beauty for so much less with Overstocked Carpet

Our carpet is solution dyed, which means it will never fade, it’s died all the way through. It’s also stain resistant, as well as being tested against bleach, mustard, and even red beverages. Our carpet installation Utah tests every bit as good as nylon carpet does – confirmed in many different quality control studies. Want cheap carpet?  Overstocked carpet is your best most affordable solution.

Overstocked Luxury Is Cheap Carpet

For the lowest prices and highest quality by far, and you’ll look everywhere for cheap carpet in Salt Lake City but you won’t get the same quality. We are extremely responsive to your questions we will helped guide you through the process. We are also flexible with the timing of your Carpet Installation Utah. Our installers will do a great job for you too! You’ll never see a more professional crew. For very friendly people and your carpet will look great!

cheap carpet in Salt Lake City, Carpet Installation Utah
utah carpet draper

No Matter The Budget Overstocked cheap carpet is Your Luxury Option.

No matter whether it’s a basement in rose park or a house in cottonwood heights, we have affordable selection of luxury carpet installation Utah to fit your various needs. Our installers are friendly, trustworthy, and professional, which helps a great deal because you want to know that everything will happen when, and how it’s supposed to. You can trust 3 Dollar Carpet, we guarantee it.