Looks of natural wood, plus peace of mind to hold up beautifully in high-traffic or high-moisture areas!

We carry most colors with hyper-realistic wood looks. Our LVT is extremely durable, it’s scuff and dent resistant using a layer of ceramic bead that also protects your floors from discolouring and the sun’s UV rays.

beautiful real-wood look at a fraction of the price of traditional hardwood floors.

  • It’s 100% waterproof – Similar to luxury vinyl, it’s totally waterproof (100%), so your floor won’t swell, it won;t buckle or lose any type of integrity if it’s ever exposed to water. You can install it anywhere throughout home!
  • Stain and scratch resistant – The wear layer protects against everyday wear and is super easy to keep clean and maintain over time. Think anout those kids and rough-housing pets.
  • Dent resistant – The firm core provides superior resistance to things like pointy shoes, dropped objects and heavy furniture.

Luxury Wood Flooring

Our Rigidcore CLIQ vinyl floors easy to install, and it saves installers even more time because of its attached backing. Save money on a realistic wood look today!